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Friday, 23 December 2011


So, the lack of sleep must have been influencing my thinking today.  Not only did I turn DOWN my mom's offer to watch the kids a little bit longer so I could sleep after work (what was I thinking!!??), I thought it was a great idea to take the kids to get a haircut.  By myself.  Solo, with two kids who hate being constrained in any manner.

So, in true parenting style, I bribed Emma with a "floaty" balloon and a Popsicle if she sat without fussing.  She got to decide who went first: Evan or Emma.  Surprise, surprise, she "let" Evan go first.

So Evan sat, with the cape on.  He sat still for about 30 seconds, until she started spraying his head with water.  He didn't like that.  Then she tried cutting.  "All done.  All done.. ALL DONE!!!"  Evan kept saying.  With all the head-wiggling I'm surprised we came home with both ears intact.  And, surprisingly, he liked the buzzer.  So, the hair cut isn't as neat as I would like, but to be expected.

Then the drama begins.  It was Emma's turn.  She's had a couple of hair cuts in the past, both professionally and at home, and none have gone well.  She didn't want to sit on the bench.  She didn't want to look down.  She didn't like the water spritzer.  She didn't like all of these.  Loudly.

But to make matters worse, the hairdresser, and her loud, out-spoken (RUDE) co-worker, were very abrupt with her.  Very rude tone of voice, angry words, pushy manner.  Emma was crying at this point, but the hair dresser kept pushing her head down.  So I said we were finished, not going to do it today, and the hair dresser ripped (as in jerked Emma's body around) the apron off, and hurried us out to the front.  In her defence, she was busy, and it was the last Friday before Christmas, but there is no need for two hairdressers to yell at a 3-year old, while I'm trying calmly to talk her through the process.

And after it all, Evan's little hair cut cost me $20!!!  For less than half an inch off the bottom?  I don't think we will be going back to that place again.  I would rather spend more money on a nicer, less abrupt hair dresser in a kid-friendly spot. 

And to top it off, I can't post pictures right now, as my camera has been Evan'ed (ie: broken), and my phone isn't uploading.  So, pictures will follow.  Right now, I think it's nap time.

1 comment:

  1. oh, poor Heather. next time, just take a nap! :)