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Sunday, 28 August 2011

I Spy!

So, I'm outside, hauling the recycling and the garbage to the curb.  We have had several talks with Emma, about going outside without asking, or going in the front yard with out supervision.  So after repeated requests that Emma go in the back yard while I'm in the back, I'm getting frustrated.  I go to the front stoop, ask her why she's not listening.  She looks at me, turning her head very, very slowly, and whispers, "Mommy, sshhh!  I'm camouflaging!"  So hard not to laugh. 

In other news, I think we are going to start a new family tradition.  I think we are going to have a semi-structured play at the end of the day.  Both kids are just a little too crazy, grumpy, shrieky to let them do self-directed play.  And we got this really cool I Spy puzzle play mat.  Alan and Emma played for a good 20 minutes tonight - and for any mom of an active 3 year old, that is 20 minutes of bliss!

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