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Friday, 7 October 2011

The Calm Before the Storm (?)

 So, I apologize for not writing more.  Well, more to myself, as this is supposed to be a written chronicle the early years.  But life has been insanely busy the last couple weeks.  And, as per usual, it's mostly self-inflicted.

We made the decision that I would go back to work after my mat leave was up (has it been a year already?!).  And with that decision came a host of tasks and jobs and arrangements to finish and complete.  I wanted to switch the computer room and the baby room around.  So, A and I lugged the computer and stuff downstairs, lugged the books (so many books!) upstairs, moved bookcases, crib, change table, etc.  I'm not really sure why I wanted the switch.  I think, in my crazed thinking, I wanted the kids to have the same sized rooms, and the old baby room (new computer room) was way bigger - which meant that both EG and A could have their computers there.  And hopefully cut down on clutter.

Clutter has been a huge factor in the drive to insanity.  I am getting rid of clothes as soon as the kids outgrow them.  I am going through toys, tossing or donating anything that isn't used, I don't like, or is missing pieces (I'm a little OCD when it comes to keeping toys and all their parts together).  We made several trips to Ikea to get new Trofast bins and storage units, DVD and CD storage, general storage.  I have a pile of stuff in the basement that is going to a garage sale that my mom is (hopefully) having in the spring.  Lots of purging and cleaning here!

So, in addition to all that, we needed a second car (check), daycare (check - gulp), and getting used to a new morning routine.  I had taken the kids for a meet-and-greet type of thing with the daycare provider, and it all went well.  So when it came time to do the actual test run, I was shocked and surprised (and lets, face it, racked with guilt), when she told me that EG - my brave, independent, headstrong, "I'll see you later, Mom, don't worry about me" EG - cried the whole time.  And not just little tears.  Hysterics.  Wouldn't go for a walk.  Wouldn't play at the park.  Wouldn't snuggle.  (That sound you hear?  That's the mommy guilt coming through hard and fast).  EH, on the other hand, who is normally clingy and doesn't like to leave my side,, only cried when it was nap time or when he bumped his head.  You think you know your children. . . .

Thankfully, the second time went better, but still there were a lot of tears and drama the night before and the morning of.  EG still doesn't like the thought of going - I think (hope and pray) that the reality is going to be much better.  But we told her that if she's still not happy by the time she's 4 (which is in 6 or 7 months), she doesn't have to go anymore.  That's fair right?  At least she gave it a good go.  (Guilt again).

Oh, and I started running.  Well, I ran two days, but we have been doing some crazy long walks.  Usually around 4 or 5 kms, which is awesome.  The thing about going back to work when you work nights, is that the weight usually flies back on.  And I'm kinda proud that right now, after two kids, I'm in better shape than before I had my first.  So, some preventative steps.  But factor that in to the rest of the craziness.

And (if that isn't enough) we are going away for the weekend.  My whole family.  About 14 of us.  And I'm torn.  It should be great and fun and everything good, but also has the potential for some disaster.  We have the only children.  And although I'm probably making a bigger deal of it than needs to be, I worry about how my siblings and parents will deal with the reality of children.  Which is kinda dumb, because my mom had 6 kids in 7 years.  But everyone is in a different life stage right now.  A thinks I'm addicted to worrying, which may be true.
EG and I making salt dough ornaments

Somebody wasn't too happy with being left out

Note:  while these sounded like fun to make, I should have read the instructions all the way through.  6 hours to bake!!!

So, we are trying to enjoy the last couple of days of stay-at-home mommy-hood.  Trying to take it easy before the craziness of a double income family.  But all the planning and preparation for when I do go back to work is making me tired.  I'm really looking forward to this weekend, where (hopefully) I can put my list-making and my schedules and my MustDos aside and just enjoy. 

EG found the camera and started taking pictures.  Kinda artistic, eh?

Someone has no problem sitting and reading!

Did I mention that someone likes to climb?

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  1. What are you guys using as a second vehicle? I hope everything goes smoothly for the transition back to work - and I'm glad that daycare is getting better for EG and EH. They'll get used to it. :) -Shirley