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Saturday, 29 October 2011

A Shaky New Routine

So, the last three weeks have been a major learning curve for all of us.  My maternity leave finished, and I headed back to working nights full time.  The kids went off to day care.  AM was now "on" daddy duty full-time, all night and all morning (and he's not a morning person).  We started this new routine with a lot of nerves, our fair share of tears, and a whole lot of prayers.  Were we making the right decision?  Was it fair to push our kids into something they didn't like, knowing full well that they would enjoy it if they gave it a chance?  How were we going to make time for each other, when my bed time co-incided with the kids bedtimes, and I was up at 11pm to head out to work?  But we got through it, one day at a time.  Sometimes, it felt like one minute at a time, to be honest.

But, even though it's only been 3 weeks, the changes have been enormous.  EH is way less clingy to mama, reaching for daddy now, or even Jen, our daycare provider.  EG, who shocked us all by being the one who was having the most issues away from me, is learning so much - like the days of the week (and believe you me: does she ever know when it's Saturday and she doesn't have to go!)  She's learning to share and to lead play in equal amounts, due to the dynamics of the other children.  AM is experiencing the joys of kids in the morning (at least ours, who are super happy and snuggly and generally the best kids ever in the morning).  He also get a lot of one on one time with the kids, which due to his hours and the nature of kids at night, didn't really happen, or didn't contain the same joy.  and me?  Well, let's just say, the adult conversation was sorely missed.  I love being back at work doing something I'm good at.  I love having a little bit of time to myself every single day, and having to decide whether or not to go for a run or to clean (and strange as that sounds, I do enjoy both).  Although, too often, I end  up cleaning and not running. 

One of the hardest things about the new routine is the shift in parenting power.  Gender stereotypes aside, when I was home all day every day with the kids, I was the one who lead the conflict resolution, who disciplined, who played.  How can you not, when you are there with them 10 hours a day, and your spouse is there for 2 at night?  It's just the way it goes.  But now, I need to remind myself to step back and let AM take the lead.  He's got a new routine too, and that includes different tactics that I would use.  It's not fair to anyone that I should assume that things would remain similar when I'm not doing the majority of the childcare right now.

The other thing that I really really dislike about this routine is the lack of interaction between AM and myself.  Because I split my sleep (4-5 hours during the day, and then another 2-3 at night), we don't see each other much.  And during dinner doesn't count, because if you have kids - or even if you have just eaten with my family - conversation goes something like this:
H: so, how was your day?  Emma, use your fork/
A: good.  busy.  Evan, don't shove so much food in your mouth.
H: how did that meeting go?  Hank!  Get off the counter!
A:  It was good.  Some good ideas coming out.  Emma!  we said, use your fork!
and on and on it goes, interjected with EG and EH screeching, wailing, jumping off their chairs, etc.

And then it's shower/bath time.  One kid at a time in the shower, haul them out, dry them off, apply Vicks and lotion (darn colds!) pjs, down to watch a show and have a snack, back up to brush teeth, use potty, read stories, say prayer, go to sleep.  Listen to EH cry/sing himself to sleep.  Listen to EG read herself to sleep.  Yell at EG to get back into bed.  And before you know it, it's 11pm and my alarm is going off.

But . . . soon that will all change!  Come May, I am getting another year off! (cue drum rolll) because Baby#3 is due May 20!  Yes, it was a shock.  No, we didn't plan it.  Yes, we are ecstatic - and even though we didn't plan it, Someone sure did!  We (read: me) are way less stressed about this one.  I mean, it doesn't matter if it's a boy or girl - I don't have any baby clothes left anyways!  And this time around, we have both a girl and a boy name.  And now that the nausea is passed, I am much more excited.  It's hard to be excited when you can't think about food without your stomach twisting in a knot, not when your whole life revolves around what goes in your kids mouths and what comes out the other end.  But now that is passed - and it's just fun!

Side note:  we told EG that we were having a new baby, sometime after her birthday.  Her response?  "That means we get to get THREE pumpkins!"  So, three pumpkins it is!

This is what the last three weeks have been like"

Evan's Birthday cupcakes

The Birthday Boy! (Did I mention that he's scared of the Happy Birthday song!)

Dressed in his All-Blacks jersey.  I swear, his cuteness is the reason they won.


Alan's convocation!!

Convocation!  That would be AMD, CMA!!

playing in the leaves.  EH, not so sure.

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